Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Logo, New Beginning

Hello strangers,

Sorry, about not planning actual dinners for May and April. Recently, I have been talking with people about making a few changes to the dinner group. I am getting rolling again, and am really excited about the possibilities. We are going to try and meet weekly rather than monthly. We will still gather at local restaurants, but the gatherings will more than likely be a little smaller than before. I have been working on a new name and logo for the group, as well as a new website. Can you comment on which of the above logos you like best and why? Any constructive criticism will be held against you in the future...just kidding. Please let me know which one you like. Thanks.

Hope to see you at a gathering soon.



  1. I would go with 'A'...if you shift the t to the right side of the f...
    hey, i just like to stir it up a bit....looking forward to the gang getting back together!

  2. I like A best. B looks too 'tight.' C looks too big.
    A looks classier.

  3. a is more visually appealing to me.

  4. A is more appealing and easier on the eye