Friday, December 17, 2010

Alex's Tavern Review and Photo Recap

I must admit, Sophorn and I arrived at Alex's just at 7 p.m., almost breaking group rule #4 (We start promptly at 7, so be on time.)  Upon walking in, I was comforted by the great music on the juke box, seeing people playing shuffleboard on the free table, and noticing everyone talking, drinking, and just having a good time. I never would have guessed that most of the people in the room had never met before. But then again, that is what I love about Alex's Tavern, it's just a fun place to hang out, and the food is pretty darn good as well.

Did I mention the food? Rocky, the owner of Alex's started serving the food a little after 7. He set up a little buffet which included, wings(hot and Greek styles), ribs, Greek bread, gumbo, shrimp, cole slaw, and baked beans. The Greek burgers were being made fresh, so they were served after everyone had had a chance to visit the buffet at least once (Evan and Kerry).

As the group tables were full, Sophorn and I sat at the bar with Evan and Kerry. We enjoyed listening to their stories from "late night" Alex's Tavern.

After announcing that we were gathering at Alex's, I heard more than a few jokes about not getting to Alex's before 2 a.m., or not having been since their time at Rhodes. I hope people will remember that it is a pretty good food option as well as late night beer option.

Our meal was absolutely amazing! Look at those ribs. The meat just fell off the bone. The wings were tasty. I prefer the greek wings, but if you like your wings hot, they have you covered. The shrimp and the gumbo were also really good. And then there was the Greek Burger...

I am not bashful about saying that Alex's Greek Burger is my favorite in town. The group responses after the meal confirmed my suspicions. It is a DARN GOOD burger. Most everyone included the burger in their favorites from the dinner. I don't think anything on our menu went without at least one vote, maybe the celery, but was it really on the menu? The ribs, gumbo and wings were also top vote getters. The PBR even got a vote or two. Most everyone wrote that "all the food was good", so that speaks well for the quality of the food at Alex's.

The music in jukebox, the free shuffleboard, and the general mood of the place received many mentions in the dinner surveyas well:

What would you order again?
"The BURGER!!!"
"Hamburger w/ the gumbo as an app."
"hamburger, wings, gumbo, PBR"

What was your  favorite thing about the gathering?
"The ambiance of the restaurant"
"(Alex's) Just plain fun"
"Awsome place"

Restaurant Suggestions?
"for this one(Alex's)? none, it was great, fun, and convenient"

Rocky, aka "fearless" serving up a beer
Interesting Alex's Trivia:
1. Rocky's father opened the tavern next door, in 1953,  in what is now the liquer store.
2. The neon sign in the front window of Alex's is the original neon sign from 1953.
3.  Alex's is the oldest family owned tavern in Memphis.

If you haven't been to Alex's before, or since your days at Rhodes, or even before 2 a.m. Run by and have a great meal. Their hours are 12 noon to 3 a.m. When you go, be sure to tell Rocky hello for us.

Alex's Tavern 
1445 Jackson Avenue
Memphis, TN 38107-4470
(901) 278-9086

all photos courtesy sophorn mcrae aka norococo-thanks
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