Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June Gathering: Ethiopian Restaurant


Man does it feel good to write that! I am so excited to announce the return of FoodieMemphis.

We will be gathering next tuesday night, the 25th at 7 pm. The location will be the Ethiopian Restaurant in Cordova. I have heard many great things about it and am excited about seeing everyone and sampling some of my favorite foods...Ethiopian! 

Our menu for next weeks gathering includes:Injera - a unique sour dough bread.

Rice and Salad - Seasoned rice served with injera and salad.

Veggie Combo - Vegetable combination plate of chopped collard greens, lentils, cabbage, carrots, chickpeas, green beans, and salad.

Doro Wot - Spicy sauce made with chicken, onions, garlic, berbere, ginger, and spice butter, topped with a hard boiled egg. It is the most famous dish.

Yebeg Wot - Tender pieces of lamb marinated in spices and cooked.

Zilzil Tibs - Savory beef cubes sauteed with onions, jalapeno peppers, and exotic spices.

Please visit the blogsite and buy your tickets. as usual, ticket price will be $25. It includes tip, and taxes. So all you do is show up and enjoy. I am mot sure about adult beverages, but if they are provided by the restaurant, they are extra.

Hope to see everyone there!

 Ethiopian Restaurant info

1134 N Germantown Pkwy Ste 107
Memphis, TN