Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trolley Stop Market Review and Photo Recap

One of my new favorite restaurants is reshaping the way Memphians think about fresh food. Trolley Stop Market is owned by Keith and Jill Forrester. If you recognize their names from somewhere, you may have met them at the downtown farmer’s market, selling produce from their farm, Whitton Farms. “Know your farmer, know your food” is their motto, and I for one,  am sure glad to know them.

Trolley Stop Market not only uses their own fresh vegetables in their recipes, they use as much local produce as they can. Here is a pretty impressive list of local farms/mills/bakery they are trying to mainstream:  

Whitton Farms, Jones Orchard, Neola Farms, Westwind Farms, Muddy Water's Seafood, Newman Farms, Top of the World Farms, Shoaf's Loaf, OC Vegan, MsKaskle Farms, McCarter Coffee, My Cup of Tea, Funder Farms, Wilson Farms, Kelly Farms, Matthews Farms, Donnel Century Farms, Richardson Vegetable Farm, King's Point Farm, and my personal favorite War Eagle! Mills (The auburn fan in me added the exclamation mark.)

They may not be Italian, but they make a mean pizza. They may not be Mexican, but they make an incredible taco (Taco Tuesdays) They may not be vegetables, but they make an awesome Vegetarian Lasagna. Okay the joke was bad, but the lasagna was still amazing.

Our menu included:
Shitake Mushroom Bruschetta
Creamy Tomato Basil Soup
Greektastic Salad

Neola Farms Beef Lasagna
Vegetarian Lasagna
Old MacDonald Pizza
A variety of Wraps (Hummus or Chicken)
A variety of Hoagies (Jive Turkey, Philly Style, & Homemade Meatball Hoagies)

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
Peanut Butter Bomb Cake
Fresh Fruit Salad

From the looks on the faces at the gathering, I would have to write everyone had a wonderful time. The service was excellent. I really enjoyed hearing from where all of the ingredients originated. TSM went out of their way to make us feel welcome; they even put welcome signs on our tables. There is a reason people are returning to the TSM. They make everyone feel so welcome, and they make pretty good food as well.  Thanks to Jill, Keith, and the whole crew over there for a great gathering.

What would you try again?
“everything! (esp. the soup)”
“Old McDonald had a PIZZA!”
“tomato soup”
“Meatball Hoagie”
“Pizza, Meatball Hoagie”
“Everything was amazing, I can’t choose just one.”

What meal would you order again?
“Beef Hoagie”
“Veggie Lasagna/ Chicken Hoagie”
“Hummus Wrap/Tomato Soup/Pizza”
“Old McDonald Pizza”
“Lasagna-Great combo of veggies”

What was your favorite thing about the gathering?
“being introduced to food/plates AND where it came from.”
“Restaurant/people were so friendly and welcoming”
“My husband eating so many  veggies.”
“I love the local emphasis of this meal. Local = Awesome!”
“Having Jill and Keith come out & introduce themselves at the end of our meal, nice people”

Restaurant Suggestions?
“put the tomato soup on the permanent menu!”
“None, the food is great! Love the atmosphere.”
“the food was delicious and the service was excellent – I’ll definitely come again”

Trolley Stop Market
704 Madison Ave.
hours 8am-9pm

Draft Beer like: Ghost River
Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials
Farmers Market w/ 80+local food
& artisan vendors!
Family Friendly all the time!

Photos courtesy my lovely bride, Sophorn McRae (thanks!)
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