Monday, April 25, 2011

Caritas Village Photo Recap and Review

Before our meal was served, Oni, the founder and director of Caritas Village, came out, greeted us, and explained the goals of the mission. “Caritas,” translated from Latin means “love for all people.” Caritas Village, founded in 2006, is based on that love. It is a church of sorts - that provides food for both the body and soul.  It describes itself as “a coffee shop and cultural center immersed and wrapped in community.” Located in the heart of Binghampton, they use food as a way for people of differing backgrounds to come together and fellowship.

Where have I heard that before?

Our dinner group is founded on similar principals:

We promote locally owned restaurants and unity in Memphis by having                    
people of all races, backgrounds, beliefs and orientations passing dinner                    
plates while sharing food, fellowship, and fun at the dinner table.

Our tasting menu included:

Ibti Soup
Chicken Shawarma
Bing Burger Sliders
Cookies & Coffee for dessert


The Exit Survey Result Highlights:

What dish(s)did you like?
“All, especially the wraps”
“Sliders and Shawama”
“Soup and Chicken Schwarmah?”
“Loved the Soup!!”
“the soup XL”
“DA soup”
What was your favorite part of the evening?
“the soup”
“the soup, and conversations with new people”
“mingling, and the soup”
“Hearing about the Center, Meeting new people”
“Meeting Oni (the director) and hearing her talk about the mission”
“Watching Atticus play in the kids area with his new friend”

So if you haven’t guessed it by now, the winner of this month’s Group Favorite Award is…

The Soup. It is chicken vegetable soup, but this isn’t your grandmother’s chicken vegetable soup! Sorry Grandmama, but their soup is amazing. Yes it has chicken, and yes it has vegetables, but this soup is like none I have tasted before. My only recommendation on how to improve the soup is to put it on the regular menu.

Thanks to Oni for a wonderful evening for our dinner group, and for also for making Memphis a better place.

Caritas Village
2509 Harvard
Memphis, TN 38112

Monday- Saturday 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

They offer Free WIFI for those of you who are interested in bringing along the lap top.

Thanks to Sophorn for the great photos.

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