Thursday, February 10, 2011

South Of Beale Review and Photo Recap

SOB decribes itself as being a gastropub:

GAS•TRO•PUB - noun environment with a Strong emphasis on Chef-Driven Food, paired with Good Ale & Wine in a casual setting.

This is a trendy word being used by many restaurants around town. Well, SOB was the first GP in Memphis, and we haven't found any others doing it better.

Our Tasting Menu included:

Signature Flavored Popcorn
Guinness Elk Chili
Roasted Mushroom Salad

Seared Duck
Shrimp Skewers

Duck Fried Rice
Leek Mac 'N Cheese
Maple Bacon Braised Brussels Sprouts

Cherry Cheesecake with Chocolate Whipped Cream

Men, you let us down. As it is February, we went with the Valentine's Day theme: "Find Your Valentine." Unfortunately, one of the only eligible bachelors making the rounds was 4 years old. Atticus definitely took advantage of the favorable numbers. (Miss Jessica, thank you for entertaining a certain little Romeo.)

Exit Survey Result Highlights:

What woud you order again?
"Mushroom Salad was great!"
"Duck was excellent"
"Brussel Sprouts were Delicious"
"Everything was very good - the shrimp was most outstanding"
"cheesecake and brussel sprouts!" (hopefully not together)
"the elk chili rocked!"
"the smac and cheese and sprite with a lot of cherries!" (Atticus)

Well, I never thought I would write this, but the runaway winner of the Group Favorite Award is...

The Maple Bacon Braised Brussell Sprouts! They received votes from a record setting  54% of our group. No one menu item has ever come anywhere near that percentage before.

What was your favorite thing about the gathering?
"the incredible food, meeting new people, and Atticus"
"People and the wonderful food!" 
"Comfortable atmosphere. Very local - I'll be back!"

Suggestions to improve the event?
"More Men!"  (Guys, they are asking for you!)

Thanks to the whole crew at South Of Beale for a wonderful night. Other than our numbers, things couldn't have gone more perfectly. Your staff paid attention to the small details:  the extra cherries in Atticus' sprite (absolutely made his night)   the tasting menu printed out and left on the table

Those are the kinds of things that seperate great restaurants from the good ones. Thanks again. We are looking forward to our second gathering later this month!

361 South Main St. - map
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 526-0388

Monday-Thursday  4pm-12ish
Friday-Saturday 4pm-3ish
Sunday  11am-10ish

Recently Voted:
1st place in "Best New Bar"
3rd place in "Best New Restaurant"
1st place in "Best Brussels Sprouts"  -  foodiememphis

All photos/graphic design courtesy my lovely bride Sophorn aka Norococo
All surveys courtesy of Atticustoddler

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