Thursday, July 28, 2011

Las Delicias Photo Recap and Review

Las Delicias, the place so nice we gathered twice. This past month, sort of, we broke our usual pattern and had 2 foodiememphis gatherings. Okay, the second gathering was in July, but who’s really keeping track? All told, we had almost 65 people at both gatherings. That is a pretty good number for our humble group of social eaters.

The response to our gathering at Las Delicias was rather intense. Those who were able to make the first date were really excited, while those who weren’t were really bummed. I don’t know what it is (okay, maybe I do) but people are extremely passionate about this restaurant. Maybe it’s the amazing chips and/or tortillas that they make themselves, maybe it’s the guacamole that will change your world, maybe it’s the margaritas made from fresh squeezed limes (no mixes here), or maybe, just maybe it is all the food that is prepared fresh daily. My guess is that it is probably a combination of all of these; I know it is for me.

Antonio, the owner, provided a veritable cornucopia of incredible dishes for our gathering. I know I kind of lost track of what was being served when they were describing our entrees. Needless to say, the number of items on the menu was rather lengthy.  

Chips and Salsa
Cheese Dip


Margarita (remember they squeeze fresh limes)

Alambre fajita (Steak or Chicken)
All in One fajita (Steak and Pork)
Enchiladas Verdes (Chicken, Cheese or Beef)
Tacos (Chicken, Steak, Marinated Pork, Chorizo)
Gringa taco
Tamales (Chicken, Pork)


3 Milks Cake (Tres Leches)

Exit Survey Result Highlights

How did you hear about foodiememphis?
"Was eating at Trolley Stop when you had an event there."

What dish(s) did you Like? 
“all of them”
“Steak quesadilla rocks!”
“Guac. dip, Margaritas”
“lame answer, but the chips”
“All! Especially the guacamole”
“tres leches cake…it's sinful”

What was your favorite part of the evening?
“The company, the tamales, the margaritas, and the guacamole”
“Meeting new people and having a good laugh”
”Eating everything”

“the description of the never-ending dishes”
“margaritas – trying new foods with friends”
“camaraderie – friends & food”
“The people, I really like this place!”
“the fellowship”
“friends and rita - not friend, margarita – ok sometimes friend ;)”
“seeing atticus & friends”
“dessert and having random conversations”
“afterwards – feeling full and satisfied”

How could we improve the event?
“More often”
“keep doing them”
“Have more often!”
“more margaritas!”
“it was perfect as is” (okay I wrote that one…thanks to whomever wrote that!)
“Tequila Shots!!! Just kidding. It was fun!” (FYI their answer to every question was “margaritas”)

The winner of the "Group Favorite Award" is...

A tie actually. Both the Guacamole and the Tamales received 25 votes. So, we broke the vegetable as a Group Favorite Award tradition!? Finally had a protein represent and take top honors, sort of.

Whether or not you are around the Park / Getwell area, Las Delicias is worth the drive.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The food is some of the best in town. 

Las Delicias
Mexican Bar and Grill
4002 Park Avenue (Near Getwell)
Memphis, TN 38111
ph 901.458.9264

or try the original location at 
3727 S. Mendenhall
Memphis, TN 38115

Thanks again to Sophorn aka norococo for the beautiful photos and Atticus for his photo of Ms. Peggy.

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  1. Looks like a fun group. When is your next event?