Friday, August 26, 2011

Buon Cibo Teaser

Hernando pizza. mmm...CUBAN...cuban sandwich. Come here you naughty nesbit pizza! I'm gonna eat you up. MMM...Meatloaf Sandwich...Coconut Chicken Soup! MMmm...Tiramisu! Fresh Figs and Proscuitto. Huh? What?! Where am I?! Sorry, I must have been dreaming about the food from our gathering at Buon Cibo!

Seriously, I think I went into a bit of a food coma after our last gathering (that's a really good thing by the way.) We sampled so many pizzas and sandwiches, it was hard to keep track. Thankfully, Josh and Katie were there to answer any questions we may have had about what we were eating, solve our dairy allergy on the fly (thanks for making the special foods just for her), and making everyone feel like they were one of the family.

What an amazing place you have down there in Hernando, MS. Josh and Katie, you should be proud. Hernandoans you should be thankful they are there. I know I am. See you again soon Buon Cibo.

Full review coming soon.

Thanks to Sophorn for the great photos and the late night editing.

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